Have you checked out my New blog posts?

9 thoughts on “Have you checked out my New blog posts?”

  1. Hi Ify. I seem to be the opposite of you. I don’t care that much about food, although I do eat obviously.
    I heard someone say that, people generally plan 8 hours in advance what they are going to cook. I think about it when I get hungry, And sometimes I can’t be bothered preparing anything, so I will just have bread and peanut butter. (And that means I sometimes can’t be bothered even warming up a frozen meal in the microwave oven).
    My poor eating habits are probably the main reason for me being overweight, rather than the amount I eat. I will eat when I am hungry. I know the right thing to do is start the day with a large breakfast, have a smaller lunch and a small dinner. But I have not been sleeping well, and will stay up till 4.30am, and if I get hungry at 2.00am or 3.00am, I will eat.
    But, most of the time I just have frozen meals. That may be a frozen meal I buy pre packaged, or something I make up myself, if I cook a large batch of something up in the pressure cooker.
    I just don’t seem to have the passion you do for food, although my father did.

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    1. Hi David 👋 I think the problem might be the fact that you are searching for existing passion lol
      Maybe you need to build an interest which may now develop into passion. Next time you make your bread & peanut butter sandwich, take your time….see if you want add something extra, serve it in a fancy plate, sit with your dog and just enjoy it. 😊

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